February 18, 2021

Wildwood Hills Ranch Case Study

Case Study

Wildwood Hills Ranch

Wildwood Hills Ranch exists to transform lives and strengthen communities by providing healing, hope and God’s unconditional love to children and youth at-risk.

Summary of Project

Social Nickel has helped our client and their team develop a more focused and cohesive social media strategy that revolves around growing their reach and influence through promotions and
content creation.


In our first month we saw:

  • 98% increase in Facebook likes (258 new likes)
  • 119% increase in Twitter impressions (11.4k impressions)
  • Paid post engagements cost only $0.08 per engagement

How Did We Get Those Results?

Tactic 1: Content Diversification and Optimization

Every social media channel has unique features, users, and best practices. Many social marketers try to be efficient by postiing the same updates to multiple channels at a time, this is a mistake. We know that every element of a post, from the copy to the medium and the timing, will affect the overall affectiveness of your efforts.

Facebook has steadily evolved from a text-based status social network to a visually-driven engagement and entertainment platform. As a result, visual content receives exponentially more engagement than links to plain text updates.

Tactic 2: Facebook Ad Management

We established a promoted post strategy and Like campaign to attract targeted followers with different pieces of content.

Summary of Results

  • Increased awareness and donations to Wildwood Hills Ranch
  • Increased event attendance
  • Increased employment applications for posted jobs
  • Increased Facebook likes, shares and general engagement
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased number of volunteers

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