How can you make your content a destination for your target audience?

Many businesses have seen their organic reach tank over the last 3 months due to Facebook’s algorithm changes.

With that change, several major publishers have abandoned Facebook.

It’s time for businesses to start thinking about how they can make their content worth seeking out.

Take these 4 ideas on how to make your content and social media profiles ones to be sought out rather than just hoping Facebook puts your content in front of people.

1. Facebook Polls

Facebook polls provide a fun opportunity to get some info from your audience. It also allows your audience to engage with your Facebook page very easily. When creating a poll you’ll want to to have a high engagement. Think of two similar products you sell, or two similar features that appeal to people with different tastes. For example, The Wild Boar Challenge hosted a poll asking their audience what the best part of a mud run is. The two options provided are both challenges of a mud run, but as you can see it provides valuable info showing that people are really interested in the obstacles that are present at a mud run, more than being covered in mud. As a route organizer, that might make you consider adding a few extra obstacles to the race.

You don’t always have to post questions that would provide some extra insight to your audience and customers. Some businesses also use Facebook Polls as trivia platform. The Beerhouse in Urbandale, IA used a Facebook poll to ask a trivia question related to the beer industry. This works well because it’s a question related to the customers, and audience, of The Beerhouse and it provides value of a “now you know” kind of fact.

How can you implement Facebook Polls into your posts on social media?

  • Movie theater: Han Solo or Luke? Batman or Spiderman?
  • Socia media company: Facebook or Twitter?
  • Restaurant: Beer or wine?
  • Car maintenance shop: Ford or Chevy?
  • Homebuilder: Modern house or contemporary?
  • Weekly trivia questions

2. Weekly Facebook Live

You don’t need a fancy camera set up to create videos or episodic content to keep your Facebook fans coming and checking back in on weekly content. One great, and easy way to create episodic content is to host a weekly Facebook Live. Whether that is through taking questions from customers during a live chat, hosting a live webinar, or having weekly fun content like what Gravitate does with Food Fight Friday’s a weekly video series talking about food and drinks and judging it on taste, texture & instagramability.

How can you implement daily Facebook Live videos into your posts on social media?

  • Facebook live weekly specials
  • Motivational talks (Motivational Mondays)
  • Host a weekly live webinar
  • Preview a section of your store
  • A weekly tip related to your business (social media tips, cooking tips, cleaning tips, beauty tips, etc.)

3. Featured Daily Images

The most common type of featured daily images that people have been doing for quite sometimes is the classic “Throwback Thursday”, or #TBT. In fact, according to TIME the first Throwback Thursday post on Instagram was shared on February 10th, 2011. It was of some Hotwheels cars. Other uses of using ‘throwback’ content is when Facebook groups are formed. If you do search on Facebook and put in “lost + [city name]” you’ll be able to find a gold mine of throwback content. For example, some of my favorite “lost” groups are Lost Des Moines, and Lost Clear Lake. These provide great photos from the early days of Des Moines and Clear Lake, Iowa.

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Let’s say you are a new business in town and don’t have a lot of throwback photos to post. You can still feature daily images such as employee profiles, daily specials, the employee of the week, funny memes and a variety of other ideas. The Hall, in West Des Moines, Iowa does a great job of creating content for their social media profiles to become a destination for their target audience. In order for people to know about the food trucks that are serving at The Hall for the day, people can either view the calendar on the website or search for The Hall DSM on Facebook and there, every morning, people are able to view the daily trucks for the day.

How can you implement featured daily images into your posts on social media?

  • Share daily specials
  • Make announcements such as new products, food specials, happy hour announcements, an employee of the week
  • Motivational quotes, bible verses, jokes
  • Memes related to your industry
  • Throwback Thursday, Flashback Fridays
  • Tip of the week

4. Featured Facts

Facts about businesses and industries are fascinating especially if it’s something a little less uncommon but still a big part of everyday life. Take this example from a company called Bedford Reinforced Plastics. They are a company that specializes in FRP products and services. One way they stand out on social media is showcasing #FRPfactFriday on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


What’s unique about this is that it provides value to those who are unaware of the power of their FRP products, and it also provides a selling point to those who are considering FRP products. When they see facts like it’s stronger than steel, or it won’t rot or decay like wood they will already have an understanding of the quality of the product.

How can you implement featured facts into your posts on social media?

  • Facts about your business – Are you local? About employees?
  • Facts about your products – What makes them unique? What makes them the best?


Test out these ideas, you might be surprised at what works for your social media channels and audience!

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